Why Do My Eyelash Extensions Hurt After 3 Weeks?

It’s been weeks since your eyelash application, but why do your eyelash extensions hurt after 3 weeks? Since eyes are a delicate part of our body, sometimes, after effects can happen. But what could be the reason for it?

Eyelash extensions can hurt if the lash technician does not use high-quality adhesive materials. In addition, poorly applied lash extensions can cause an allergic response to the adhesive, the most common cause of pain.

We will discuss the possible reasons why your eyes hurt after 3 weeks of eyelash extension application. Keep reading to learn what to do if your eyes suffer after lash extensions. Let’s get started on finding all of the correct answers right away!

DISCLAIMER: If you’re experiencing severe pain 3 weeks or right after the application, please notify the professional lash technician and consult with an eye doctor.

Why Lash Extensions Hurt After 3 Weeks?

Mistakes made by your lash technician during the application and improper way of caring for your eyes may be why lash extensions hurt after 3 weeks. Pain could also happen because of the same reasons right after the application.

But what could be the possible reasons for it? We’ve got 10 reasons for you.

Lash Extensions Hurt Due to Poor Adhesion.

If the lash extension isn’t correctly glued to natural lashes, it can irritate your eyes. Thus, it can cause pain and lasting damage. In addition, your natural lashes may get ripped off as they grow in the worst-case scenario. As we’ve mentioned, don’t underestimate checking the quality of lash extension adhesive.

Lash Extensions Hurt Due to Clumping

When your lash technician applies a single extension to many natural lashes, the natural lashes can clump together. So, it causes pain and discomfort when you open and close your eyes.

Poor Choice of Lash Extensions

Another common cause of eyelash extension discomfort is when the lash technician uses or you select the incorrect type of extensions for your eyes. Lash extensions must typically match your eye’s length, thickness, and curve. If the lashes applied are thick lashes, they might feel heavy. On the other hand, if they are overly long or curling, they may jab your eyelids.

Excess Glue

Chemical burn could occur if the lash technician uses too much lash adhesive. It can cause the glue to release a lot of fumes, which can irritate your eyes. Moreover, the excess adhesive could also cause your eyes to hurt when you wash them with water. However, there should be no discomfort with lash extensions because they are waterproof.

Allergic Reaction

Eyelash extensions are attached to your natural lashes with a medical-grade adhesive that contains the chemical cyanoacrylate. Unfortunately, some people with sensitive eyes may be allergic to it. If you have this problem, your lash extension session may result in inflammation, redness, itching, and contact dermatitis.

Eyelash Extensions Hurt Due To Improper Cleaning

Pain along the lash line is frequently a sloppy cleaning practice. For example, do you put mascara and eye makeup on top of lash extensions and don’t remove them properly? Then, it might build up around your hair follicles. Moreover, it can result in bacteria that causes a rash or disease which causes pain around your eyes.

We’ve got your back if you’re wondering what you should not do after getting an eyelash extension. Here are the top 5 lash extensions aftercare.

Forceful Lash Extension Removal

Because lash technologists utilize a medical-grade glue equivalent to superglue, tugging or rubbing the lash extensions off yourself can cause a lot of pain and irritation. Your lash technician will remove it professionally with an eyelash extension remover if there is a problem.

Eyelash Extensions Hurt Because Of Corneal Abrasion

Corneal abrasion can happen if your eyelash extensions scratch the cornea. Excessive adhesive and probing extensions irritate the cornea as they shed because they are too long or applied incorrectly. Thus, it leads to corneal abrasion.

Sparse Application

When the technician puts the lash extensions too far away from the lash line, they can twist, droop, and turn. It is what most lash experts call a “sparse” application. It can cause pain and discomfort around the eyes.

The Lash Technician Glued To The Skin Instead Of Lashes

A nailhead happens when eyelash extensions are attached to the skin. Within days or weeks of the therapy, your natural lashes may get pulled out, and your eyes will get irritated.

Can Eyelash Extensions Hurt Your Eyes?

Eyelash extensions should not hurt your eyes. However, problems may arise due to your lash technician’s fault, or even you could be to blame. For example, eyelash extension could hurt if performed incorrectly, or you did not administer proper care at home after application.

When performed correctly by a professional technician, eyelash extensions should be safe. The lash technician usually uses gel pads and tape to keep your eyes closed during the treatment. Then, the lash tech selects a lash extension and dips it in the lash-safe glue.

Next is the application of the lash extensions to a natural lash without touching the skin. Always check the quality of the lash extensions and adhesives used during the application. These are some standard safety practices to keep your eyes safe from harm. Then, you should feel no discomfort after the procedure.

What to Do When Your Lash Extensions Are Hurting

Notify the lash technician once you notice any pain or discomfort around your eyes after the lash extension application. The first step is to contact the lash technician so that they may conduct a complete examination to identify the problem. It can be because of the glue, lash products, or their way of application.

If your situation worsens, you may need expert advice and see an eye doctor. However, keep in mind that the doctor won’t be able to help unless you remove the irritating component (your lash extensions).

Final Thoughts

Eyelash extension treatments should be painless. It’s so comfortable that most clients even doze off during the appointment. Talk to your lash technician right away if you feel any complications days or weeks after the procedure.
It would be best to choose a reliable lash extensions expert in Los Gatos for safety. Moreover, don’t forget that proper care at home is essential.

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